Z Grills 450A Product Overview

Z Grills Australia 450A Wood Pellet Grill

Looking for a small, budget-friendly option to start your pellet smoking journey? Does the mere mention of barbecue excite your taste buds? Have you been watching videos of briskets and ribs and getting excited about giving a go yourself? Or perhaps you visited a mates’ place and were blown away by how delicious their low n slow cooking was! If you have been having these thoughts and questions, you are not alone.

The secret to perfect slow cooked barbecue is a combination of quality meat, tasty rubs and sauces, quality wood, a smoker and last but not least, a healthy dose of patience!

Z Grill 450A Pellet Smoker Opening with Smoke

To get consistent results without being a professional grill-master you also need an easy to use, reliable smoker, and the Z Grills 450A Pellet Smoker is a great choice.

So, come along with me as we delve deep and discover what makes the 450A a great little smoker.


This is a sturdy and well-designed pellet smoker that enables users to bake, grill, smoke, roast, braise, and barbecue their food. Compressed 100% wood pellets provide both the heat for cooking and the smoke that adds that extra layer of awesome flavor to American style low n slow barbeque . Z Grills 450A is a compact, easy to use pellet smoker that is perfect for a beginner to the low n slow smoker journey of home cooking.

Z Grills 450A Specifications

ModelZ Grills 450A Pellet Smoker (ZPG-450A)
Grilling Area0.3 m²
Grill Rack2 Racks
Pellet Hopper Capacity7kg
Grill Body and Lid MaterialPowder Coated Steel
Temperature ControlAutomatic (PID controller)
Food Temperature Probes2 Probes
WheelsHeavy Duty
Parts Warranty3 Years
Waterproof CoverIncluded
Ceramic Coated Grill RacksYes

Why Buy Z Grills 450A Pellet Smoker?

Lets first look at the main pros and cons of the 450A model


  • Compact size
  • Affordable
  • Can easily be moved around
  • Folding front shelf


  • Smaller cooking area
  • No storage compartment

Mobility: Z Grills 450A Pellet Smoker features large heavy duty wheels making it easy to move from the garage out to the backyard for cooking outside.

Z Grills 450A Pellet Smoker - Portability

Cooking Area: While the 450A is the smallest of the Z Grills range the cooking area is actually considerable and consists of a main bottom rack and smaller top grilling rack. The main bottom grill rack is 488mm deep by 660mm wide providing 0.32m2 surface area, enough to fit a full brisket or family size pizza.

The dimensions of the top and bottom rack of the Z Grills 450A pellet smoker

The top rack can fit a dozen lamb chops, a heap of snags or vegies, so across the full rack area the 450A can easily cooking up enough food for 5 or more people.

Daniel Riley
19 October 2019

Pushing the limits on the little 450a today! 7kilo jacks creek brisket for lunch at work! Been on since 5.30 this morning!

Z Grills Australia 450A Pellet Smoker Full 7kg Brisket
Jacob Cunningham
30 May 2020

First cook today on the 450A. Pork ribs! Stoked with the result and the taste was unreal, loved by the whole family.

Z Grills Australia 450A Pellet Smoker Full 3 Stacks Ribs

If you were after something that can fit two briskets at once, you should definitely consider checking out the Z Grills 700E-XL pellet smoker.

Pellet Usage: The compact size has the advantage of very efficient wood pellet usage such that a full hopper (7kg) can provide well over 14 hours of low n slow cooking.

Storage: The 450A doesn’t have any storage cabinet like the 700E or 700E-XL, but features a foldable front shelf which is super handy to put cooking utensils.

Material Finish: The smoker is made from heavy duty mild steel metal with a high quality powder coated baked finish that provides good long protection against corrosion to keep the grill looking good.

Cooking Time: The 7kg hopper capacity stores enough wood pellets for more than 14 hours of low n slow cooking, and up to 7 hours of high temperature cooking.

Temperature Probes: When cooking food it is really useful to monitor the internal temperature so you know when it is done. The Z Grills 450A smoker includes as standard two digital food probes. Just push these into the meat and view the temperature by just pressing the button on the controller. 

Z Grills Pellet Smoker Standard Food Probes
All Z Grills Pellet Smokers come standard with two food thermometer probes

Size: Z Grills 450A Pellet Smoker is compact and ideal for small households but still big enough to cook up feast for 5-7 people.

Price Tag: The 450A provides the same core functionality of the more expensive Z Grills models along with full 3 years warranty and great quality but at a price point, making it perfect for anybody starting out their smoking journey or just on a tight budget. 

Community Support

Z Grills Australia Facebook Group Cover Photo
Z Grills Aussie Owners Group

Facebook Group • Created in 2019

Community Support

The community of Aussie Z Grills owners are amazingly helpful and generous, sharing recipes, tips and tricks and encouragement for anybody new to wood pellet smoking!

Z Grills Pellet Smoker Advantages

Versatility: A key a feature of the Z Grills pellet smoker is cooking versatility as it is much more than just for low n slow cooking. Smoke a 10 hour brisket, bake a loaf of bread, grill some snags, roast a leg of lamb or cook an amazingly crispy and tasty pizza that your family and friends will love! It is all about cooking awesome food. 

Your Z Grills is not just for your typical American BBQ. You can easily cook up anything you can cook in the oven in your Z Grill

Pellet Grill Technology: Pellet grills remove the need for fire management skills and babysitting out of cooking with wood. The compressed wood is fed via an auger into the firepot to maintain the set temperature automatically by the smart controller. You’ll get the amazing flavor that comes from cooking with wood along with reliable cooking results thanks to the digital temperature controller. 

Easy to Use: Contrary to what you may think, it’s super easy to use. Pour some pellets into the hopper, flip on the power switch and turn the temperature dial to SMOKE and the Z Grill automatically feeds wood pellets into the fire pot and ignites them. 

Once the fire is lit, shut the grill lid, set the desired cooking temperature and the Z Grills does the rest, feeding just the right amount of wood pellets into the fire. The current grill temperature is displayed on the bright LCD screen and the two food probes allow the internal temperature of the food to be monitored with the press of the button on the controller.

Efficiency: A nice feature of wood pellet smokers is they only use as much as required, feeding them from the hopper into the firepot. During the average low n slow cook, less than 0.5kg of pellets are used per hour, which means a 10kg bag can last more than 20 hours! When cooking at higher temperature the usage can double to about 1kg/hour. Due to the compact size the 450A is very efficient, using less pellets than larger models.

Easy Cleaning Process: Everybody hates the clean up after cooking a BBQ, but the Z Grills pellet smoke is really easy to clean up. The grill racks are ceramic coated making them easy to clean by just using a wet cloth while the grill racks are still hot. For breaking off any larger food chunks the Z Grills Koala Claw 2 in 1 scrape and grab tool is a great solution. 

A sloped grease tray sits directly underneath the grill racks to catch any grease and by lining it with some Z Grills heavy-duty aluminium foil it becomes super easy to just peel off the old dirty foil and replace with a new sheet. Excess grease runs down the grease tray and drips into a grease buckets for easy cleaning. The ash that accumulates from the wood burning in the fire-pot can be vacuumed out in a matter of seconds and only needs to be done once every few cooks.

Automatic Pellets Feeding System: The wood pellets are fed from the hopper into the firepot via a long pipe and auger that is rotated very slowly by a small low energy motor. The smart controller turns the auger motor on and off periodically to deliver just the right amount of wood pellets to maintain the desired temperature.

High-Quality Materials: Z Grills prides itself on making a quality product and this starts with choosing quality raw materials. High tensile steel is used for most components with glossy finish corrosion resistant powder coating the main grill drum, hopper, and leg components. The electrical components are also chosen for reliability and longevity and carry a 3 years warranty.

Excellent Customer Service: Aussie Z Grills owners have posted amazing reviews about our customer service. Our service starts with the first communication and doesn’t end once the order is shipped. We follow up with tips and suggestions to get the most from your grill and if you ever have an issue we are only a phone call or Facebook message away, even on the weekends. Every Z Grills has a 30-day money-back guarantee and three-year product warranty.

Wrap Up

Gas and charcoal grills can cook delicious food but simply don’t offer the versatility and ease of use of a Z Grill pellets smoker. The ability to not only do amazing low n slow cooking but also bake a loaf of bread, a delicious pizza, or sear a steak make Z Grills your ultimate backyard cooking device! People just love their Z Grills and we know you will too!

Z Grills 450A Pellet Smoker

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