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Fully automatic temperature control in a compact, easy to roll out design. 

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The ultimate Z Grill with a huge cooking area and handy storage compartment.

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Just fantastic!

So I just bought this model ZPG-700E and was shocked by the solid quality of the product.
First of all, the package of the product is strictly well made: each parts are enclosed in separate firm packages. The grill base is made of high quality metals (two wheels even have brakes to...



Purchase of the Year!

I did my due diligence before making a purchase over $500 and this model is second to none. I had a Traeger of the same size which works equally great but $200 more expensive. Easy assembly, put it together all by myself in 30 minutes, all parts are carefully wrapped...



We love this grill!

We use this grill almost every night. We LOVE it. It is a great purchase. Food tastes so much better than gas/charcoal grills, and it's really easy to use, and cooks food fast without sacrificing flavor or texture. A meat thermometer is a must.

Carol L. Alvarez


Great grill and great food.

Been absolutely loving this grill since i got it. Ribs, salmon and burgers have all been perfect, flavourful, and as easy as could be. You need to allow the grill to warm up in the smoke setting with the lid open for 15 min till that initial pellet dump ignites and burns down. My smoke setting consistently holds in the 168- 175 range for hours. Perfect.

M. Schmitz



Carol L. Alvarez

M. Schmitz

Feed Life

Don't slave over your food, just turn the dial on the digital controller and the Z Grills automatically feeds wood pellet to accurately maintain the desired temperature.

Let the Z Grill do the cooking while you enjoy time with family and friends!

Cook the perfect ribs on a Z Grill

Check out the ribs that Guga Food made on their Z Grill

Why Cook on a Z Grill?

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level!

Versatile Cooking

Cook almost anything you can make in the kitchen and more with a Z Grill. 
Grilling is not only great for your BBQ meat favourites, but also fantastic for pizzas, roast veggies and even cakes! 

Great Smokey Flavour

Cook low and slow with Z Grills to give food a subtle smokey flavour.
Experiment with different types of pellets, rubs and marinades for some serious flavour to impress family and friends.

Easy Cleaning

All our grills come with ceramic coated grilling racks for easy cleaning. 
Unlike charcoal grills, pellet grills produce very little ash.

3 Years Warranty

Z Grills are made with quality components and we stand behind them with a solid warranty. 

Digital Temp Control

The controller monitors the temperature inside the grill with clear digital display of the current temperature.

Two food probes monitor food's internal temperature without needing to even open the lid, so you can cook meat to perfection.

So Easy to Use

The Z Grill automatically feeds wood pellet from the hopper into the fire pot to maintain the desired temperature. No need for manually adding fuel or opening up ventilation holes.

Built to last, looks great

Solid, quality materials make this grill long lasting and durable.

The 700E model features stylish brushed stainless steel grill and hopper lids, making this a classy addition to your outdoor furniture. 

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