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Fire Ban Rules Explained for Pellet Smoking

Fire Ban Rules Explained for Pellet Smoking

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Summer is the best season to be cooking up a storm on your BBQ but unfortunately in Australia, it is also when Fire Bans are enforced. It is a good idea to keep yourself updated in regards to the latest

Can I use my pellet smoker during a fire ban?

The short answer is no, pellet smokers or pellet grills are not to be used during a fire ban. The main fuel source of pellet smokers is wood pellets which is considered a solid fuel. There may be some exemptions with electric and gas barbeques in some states but it is definitely a good idea to check out what your local fire authority says.

Be Smart, don’t risk it 

While your grill may run efficiently and there are no visible embers or sparks released the risk of causing a fire is definitely not worth it.  Beyond the potential risks of fire, fines are pretty big and don’t be surprised if your neighbours call the fire authority if they see smoke coming from your backyard!

It is common for fire bans to have specific start-end times of day, so you might be able to cook through the night (great for Low n Slow) as long as you finish by a certain time.

Cook and Reheat

If you have a BBQ planned by there is a risk of hot weather and a fire ban, you may still be able to treat your friends and family to your famous brisket or pulled pork.  

By planning ahead and storing your cooked meat in vacuum-sealed bags, they will stay fresh for days in the fridge and longer in the freezer.

Reheat them slowly in the plastic bag in a pot of warm water or even better with a sous vide precision cooker until warm. Because all the juices are retained in the bag the results can be really good.

If you don’t want to use plastic bags, then wrap in foil and seal as well as possible to avoid losing moisture.  Slowly reheat in your oven at a temperature setting of 120oC until the meat is back up to temperature. 

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