Recipe by @capalabafrreshmeatandpoultry

This recipe is inspired by teaching an apprentice how to smoke and cook meat and the result is grilling awesome! Enjoy this seasoned and smoked meat on a sandwich or with some baked veggies on the side.

Pastrami pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia


  • brined/corned eye of silverside
  • pastrami rub


Rinse corned eye silverside under water.

  • Rub pastrami rub on corned silverside eye.
  • Smoke for 2-3 hours
Pastrami pellet smoker 2 - Z Grills Australia
  • Wrap in foil.
  • Chamber temp 107°C.
  • Cook till internal 85°C.
  • Unwrap put back in smoker for 30 min to dry out crust.
  • Take out of smoker to cool then refrigerate.
Pastrami pellet smoker 3 - Z Grills Australia

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