7002B Extra Top Grill Rack Kit


Add an extra top rack to your 700E or 7002B with this retrofit kit.

Supplied with top rack, mounting brackets and screws.

Do not buy this if you have a 700E-XL model, as you already have large top racks.

Requires holes to be drilled through the side of the drum and brackets (drill bit not supplied).

Install instructions:

  1. Select suitable level for the brackets (same as existing rack, or lower if you like)
  2. Pre-drill 5mm holes in the brackets at suitable location
  3. Drill matching holes in the drum
  4. Secure with supplied M4 bolts

Requires some confidence in drilling holes in metal!

700E Top Rack Retrofit Kit
7002B Extra Top Grill Rack Kit $29.95

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 77 × 27 × 9 cm