Who are we?

While we are a fairly new company here in Australia, our team has a wealth of experience in product design, manufacturing and customer service. We now bring that experience to the Z Grills product in the Aussie market.

The Z Grills manufacturing facility has made hundreds of thousands of gas, electric and wood pellet grills for leading brands.

While making products for other brands remains part of the Z Grills core business, we also wanted to offer products directly to customers using our own brand. The Z Grills branded product range began in 2017 and we’ve since sold over 100,000 Z Grill wood pellet smoker grills in the US alone.

Australia is a very young market for wood pellet smoker grills and we have great ambitions of being the market leader in product quality and service. Z Grills are being used to cook some amazing food all across Australia. It’s time for you to join our family and cook some amazing food for yours!

Z Grills 700E Wood Pellet Smoker Grill Transparent Cutaway

The core of our business is you

Our focus is quality products, value for money and the best possible overall user experience. We know we can always do better and strive to continually improve, very often based on feedback from our customers.

Meeting Z Grills users and understanding how they cook on them is a key part of our process and we openly invite feedback on the grills and other products they would love to see.

In fact it was customer asking for solutions that has led to the development of the Koala Claw, Knife Bundle and other accessories (some others still under development). Great ideas from our customers that we turn into real products!

Give us a go!

There will always be cheaper products in the market, but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

Choose a Z Grill and you will not be disappointed, we guarantee it. If you don’t like the product we will give you your money back and donate it to a local sporting club or charity to sell or use.

Check out the reviews and talk to people who are using their Z Grill about what they think before you choose us.

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