Try these tasty recipes on your Z Grill

Russ's Smoked Salmon ZGrills

Russ’s Hot Smoked Salmon

RECIPE BY RUSSELL STEVENS Cooking delicious smoked salmon at home has never been easier! Impress everyone at the dinner table with this mouth-watering recipe and start grilling today! This recipe involves first soaking the salmon in a home made brine and then slow-smoking on a Z Grills pellet smoker. Watch

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candied salted caramel wings - Z Grills Australia

Candied Salted Caramel Wings

Recipe by: @the_meat_eater This easy and mouth-watering recipe was adapted from candied pork belly bites and can be directly interchanged with wings. Just a perfect menu for dinner parties or a lazy cooking day. INGREDIENTS 1 kg of chicken wings BBQ rub of choice (Meat Graffiti “The MVP” All-Purpose Rub

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Smoked Caramel Cheesecake pelleet smoker 3 - Z Grills Australia

Smoked Caramel Cheesecake

Recipe by: Claire Widdicombe Whoever thought that a sweet dessert such as a Cheesecake can be made using a smoker? You will surely surprise everyone at the dinner table with this Smoked Caramel Cheesecake! Enjoy! INGREDIENTS 1 packet of butternut biscuits 2 tbsp butter melted 1 tsp sugar 2 blocks

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Grilled Chicken pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia

Grilled Chicken

Recipe by Shane Smith Why go for store-bought grilled chicken when you can make your own right at the comfort of your home? Check this recipe out and be prepared to do some grilling today! INGREDIENTS chicken legs and thighs bone-in Lanes magic dust rub STEPS Sprinkle Lane’s magic dust

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Crunchie Tart pellet smoker 2 - Z Grills Australia

Crunchie Tart

Recipe by @kateirving This Crunchie Tart is sweet, mouthwatering, and looks like it belongs to the front cover of a magazine. Impress everyone at the dinner table with this amazing recipe and indulge yourself in this sweet treat! INGREDIENTS Base 1 tbsp of Lane’s chocolate caramel sea salt seasoning 250g

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Last Minute Lamb pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia

Last Minute Lamb

Recipe by @bundydanger This recipe is ridiculously convenient for people who love the last-minute meal. You can buy the meat from a supermarket at 11 am and have it on the Z Grill in half an hour. Then after half an hour, you’ll be eating a beautifully pulled lamb for

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Brisket Beans

Recipe by Matthew Brien This recipe is an awesome idea to make sure you make the most out of your leftover briskets. This is the perfect partner for any meal the day after you host an awesome party. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS 2 large cans of your favorite baked beans (drain them

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Pastrami pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia


Recipe by @capalabafrreshmeatandpoultry This recipe is inspired by teaching an apprentice how to smoke and cook meat and the result is grilling awesome! Enjoy this seasoned and smoked meat on a sandwich or with some baked veggies on the side. INGREDIENTS brined/corned eye of silverside pastrami rub STEPS Rinse corned

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Green-Lipped Mussel Entree pellet smoker 2 - Z Grills Australia

NZ Green-lipped Mussel Entree

This mussel entree recipe is prepared in such a way that the combination of different flavors brings out one huge bang – a melt in your mouth goodness that you can never get enough of! INGREDIENTS 10 mussels 1 tbsp oyster sauce 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce

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Roast Pork with Amazing Crackling pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia

Roast Pork with Amazing Crackling

Recipe by @thegrillingwog For anyone who says you can’t get crackling in a pellet grill, show them this mouthwatering Roast Pork with Amazing Crackling! Enjoy the crispiness, juiciness, and tenderness of this delicious recipe! INGREDIENTS 1 roast pork of your choice (preferably loin) 1 tbsp of vinegar salt STEPS Remove

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Lemon Tart pellet smoker Z-Grills-Australia

Lemon and Lime Tart

Recipe by @kateirving From the irresistible citrusy flavor to the perfectly crafted crust, this dessert is refreshing and will surely leave you with a tangy feeling. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS Crust 250 gm packet of crushed shredded wheat biscuits 80 gm melted butter 1 tsp granulated honey Lemon Tart layer 5 eggs,

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Recipe by @kateirving Your favorite snack now comes with a twist! Find out how you can add more flavor to your pumpkin seeds by following this recipe. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS pumpkin seeds olive oil favourite seasoning STEPS Remove as much fibre from seeds as you can and rinse clean in a

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