How does the Z Grill work?

Power of the pellet!

Z Grills pellet grills provide the great flavour and cooking versatility that wood grilling provides but with the ease of a gas BBQ.

Easy to use

Fill the hopper with wood pellets and the Z Grills will feed them into the fire-pot by slowly rotating the auger.

Once they begin to burn, turn the controller to the desired temperature and the Z Grills does the rest, feeding the pellets into the fire-pot as required.​

Outdoor cooking, made easy!

Z Grills are also easy to keep clean. The grease tray is sloped so that excess oil runs into a bucket for easy removal. Cover the tray with foil to make cleaning even easier. ​

Easy clean up

The pellets burn so cleanly that only teaspoons of ash remain after hours of cooking and can be removed in seconds with a vacuum. The grill racks are ceramic coated making cleaning easy without lots of scrubbing.