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How does a Z Grills wood pellet grill work?

Power of the pellet!

Z Grills pellet grills provide the great flavour and cooking versatility that wood grilling provides but with the ease of a gas BBQ. 

Fill the hopper with wood pellets and the Z Grills will feed them into the fire-pot by slowly rotating the auger. An ignition rod automatically lights the pellets. Once they begin to burn, turn the controller to the desired temperature and the Z Grills does the rest, feeding the pellets into the fire-pot as required. 

Unlike charcoal grills, the flames not are directly under the grill rack, so no flare ups or hot spots. A fan circulates hot air from the fire-pot up and around the food, like a fan forced oven. The advantage is accurate temperature control and ability to cook all kinds of foods that is simply not possible on most traditional BBQs and grills.  Beyond meat and veggies, you can cook pizzas and even cakes and breads.

Z Grills are also easy to keep clean. The grease tray is sloped so that excess oil runs into a bucket for easy removal. Cover the tray with foil to make cleaning even easier. The pellets burn so cleanly that only teaspoons of ash remain after hours of cooking and can be removed in seconds with a vacuum. The grill racks are ceramic coated making cleaning easy without lots of scrubbing. 
Some may say it is cheating to use a pellet grill - but would you prefer to slave over a hot grill, or enjoy time with family and friends while the grill does the work! Not only does a Z Grills make outdoor cooking easy, you can cook some of the most amazing food. Many Z Grills owners often find themselves using it during the week, not just for weekend BBQ parties!

Check out the video below for basic operating steps.

How do you use a Z Grill?

As easy as using your oven

1. Choose your favourite wood pellet flavour and pour into the hopper

While we do recommend using Smokin' wood pellets to get the best you possibly can out of your Z Grill, any BBQ wood pellet work great with our grills

2. Turn the dial on the controller to the desired temperature

Z Grills takes away the guess work that comes along with a traditional charcoal or wood grill without compromising on flavour.

3. Sit back and relax

While your food cooks, Z Grills automatically adds fees pellets to maintain the desired temperature. No more babysitting the grill!

Wood Flavour

Wood pellets are chosen for the flavour they can add to the food when cooking "low and slow". 

Like pairing wine with food, different wood types can be explored to add subtle flavours to your cooking - the possibilities are endless!

In Australia, Z Grills recommends Smokin' Southern Hardwood pellets as great all rounder for any food.  These pellets can add a subtle smokey flavour at low temperatures, but burn super clean, smoke free at high temps.