Front Folding Bench


The most popular accessory for the 700 series Z Grills!

  • Compatible with 7002B, 700E and 700E-XL Z Grills
  • Full width 720 x 250 x 20mm solid bamboo cutting board
  • The deep moat catches any drips and meat juice
  • 20kg capacity
  • Easy to fold down
  • Fits waterproof cover (when folded down)

If your grill does not already have the mounting screws on the left and right hand side of the drum, it can be fitted by drilling holes using the supplied stencil, drill bits, nuts and bolts.


Installation Instruction Videos

If your Z Grills smoker has 2 black mounting screws on the left and right of the drum for the bench mounting brackets, click here for video instructions.Front folding bench video thumbnail

If your Z Grills smoker does NOT have mounting screws on the left/right sides of the drum, you will need to use the plastic stencil sheet in the box and drill holes for the mounting brackets.  Click here for video instructions.

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