What Part Of The Cow Is Rump Steak?

What Part Of The Cow Is Rump Steak

What Part Of The Cow Is Rump Steak?

There are many different parts of the cow that can be used for steak. The most popular choices are tenderloin, ribeye, and flank steak. But what about the rump? This popular meat cut but lesser-known for its name is actually one of the best parts of the cow from the back end! 

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get your protein fix, look no further than rump steak!

What Part Of The Cow Is Rump Steak?

What Part Of The Cow Is Rump Steak?

Rump steak comes from the hindquarter of the cow, which is located at the back end in the area between the hip and the tailbone. The hindquarter is home to some of the most well-exercised muscles, which is why it’s packed with flavour but not as tender as other cuts of beef.

The rump steak is a popular choice to order at restaurants or for cooking at home because it’s less costly. Let’s find out why!

Is There Another Name For Rump Steak?

Rump steak is also known as round steak or bottom round. It’s a lean cut of meat with very little fat, making it a healthier option than other steaks.

The word “rump” is another term for “buttocks,” which is the hind part of the body where this cut of meat comes from. Oftentimes, it is considered to have more flavor than other cuts because of its location on the cow.

Is Rump A Good Cut Of Steak?

Is Rump A Good Cut Of Steak?

The rump steak is a good cut of steak because it has an all-rounder cut. This makes it good for other types of cooking of beef-based dishes. Rump steak can be a great addition to any meal whether it is served alone or alongside other ingredients.

For example, if you want to make a stir fry with beef, you can choose to buy the rump steak instead of the rib eye. However, it requires your time and attention to cook or it will become tough and chewy.

In restaurants, rump steak is a popular choice because of its affordability. It is also a good cut to order if you’re looking for something leaner and healthier.

Are Rump Steak And Sirloin Steak The Same?

Are Rump Steak And Sirloin Steak The Same?

Rump steak and sirloin steak are not the same. Rump steak is from the hindquarter of the cow, while sirloin steak is from the front quarter.

Sirloin steaks are more tender because they come from an area that doesn’t get as much exercise. They are also more expensive than rump steaks.

Rump steak, on the other hand, is a tougher cut of meat because it comes from the area of the cow that gets more exercise. It is also less expensive than sirloin steak.

Rump Steaks Versus Other Cuts of Beef

Rump Steaks Versus Other Cuts of Beef

The rump steak is often considered to have more flavor but less fat than other cuts such as rib steak and sirloin steak.

Being a fairly lean cut, rump steak can be quite chewy compared to other cuts of beef especially if cooked for too long.

Want To Cook The Best Tasting Rump Steak?

Want To Cook The Best Tasting Rump Steak?

Usually with steaks, I like to suggest reverse searing. However, with rump steaks, they are usually too thin for this and can risk drying out.

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