Z Grills 700E Product Overview

Front view of the Z Grills 700E Pellet Smoker

Are you trying to work out which pellet smoker is the right one for you? Come along with me as we review the Z Grill 700E pellet smoker and discover what makes it such a crowd favorite.


All products featured in the Z Grills pellet smoker series are worth every penny spent. While, the 450A model is portable and ideal for a small group; the 7002B is for budget-conscious individuals who are seeking for a high-quality product that can accommodate more meals, the 700E is everything you want in a pellet smoker and more. Not only is it a product of great design and beauty, but it is also one built with practicality in mind.


ModelZ Grills 700E Pellet Smoker (ZPG-700E)
Grilling Area0.45 m²
Grill Rack2 Racks
Pellet Hopper Capacity10kg
Grill Body and Lid MaterialPowder Coated Steel
Temperature ControlAutomatic (PID controller)
Food Temperature Probes2 Probes
Parts Warranty3 Years
Waterproof CoverIncluded
Ceramic Coated Grill RacksYes

Why Should you Purchase Z Grills 700E Pellet Smoker?

With lots of products on the market all claiming to be the best, it is difficult to decide on the right pellet smoker to purchase.  Let us lay it all out right in front of you to see what exactly you are getting for your money.


  • Beautiful stainless-steel finish
  • Large cooking area
  • Handy storage compartment
  • Lockable rear wheels
  • Impeccable build-quality


  • Wheels designed for smooth surfaces only


Mobility: Z Grills 700E Pellet Smoker features caster wheels; this makes it easy to move the smoker around as long as it is on a smooth and level surface. The lockable rear wheels let you lock the smoker in place once you have it in position.

Cooking Area: 700E just like the 7002B has a large surface area of 0.45m2, this gives enough room to throw in a large brisket and some ribs or chicken wings.

The dimensions of the top and bottom rack of the Z Grills 700E pellet smoker

While the narrower top rack is ideal for lamb chops, sausages, corn, roasted veggies, and so on, the main bottom rack is ideal for briskets, ribs pizzas, and other proteins.

Fully loaded Z Grills 700E

If you need a smoker with a little more space, you should check out the 700E-XL which easily fits two large briskets due to the double top rack.

Storage: This is perhaps the most outstanding feature of the 700E and 700E-XL alike, it has a large storage cabinet, here you can place in a large number of wood pellets with enough space to store your grilling utensils. When closed, the cabinet doors are secured in place with magnets which prevents it from flapping around.

While hot air generally rises, a double-wall insulation minimizes heat transfer through conduction from the cooking chamber to the storage cabinet (more on this later).

Pellet Usage:  Even though the 700E has a fairly large cooking chamber volume compared to the 450A, it’s pellet usage is not too much more.

This is due to the double wall insulation located at the bottom of the drum which acts as a thermal barrier minimizing heat loss and reducing the total amount of pellets burnt to maintain the target temperature.

Material Finish: A pellet smoker is not considered good enough until it looks the part. The 700E features a stainless-steel hopper and grill lid which not only adds to the premium look but also prevents rust and corrosion.

Opening the Z Grills 700E grill lid

With the help of some of stainless-steel cleaner along with some elbow grease, you can keep your 700E looking fresh and new for many years to come.

Beyond that, the other parts of the grill are made of steel with a high-quality powder coated finish, this further protects the smoker from corrosion while giving it an appealing look.

In fact, most of our customers are pleasantly surprise with the overall build quality of the 700E.

Hopper Capacity: Similar to the 7002B and 700E-XL, the 700E has a hopper capacity of 10kg. This means you can get up to 20 hours of low ‘n’ slow cooking without having to refill the hopper.

Temperature Range: As with the other models of Z Grills, the 700E operates anywhere from 70℃ (on the smoke setting), all the way up to 232℃ on the high setting.

This allows you to use your Z Grills 700E either as a smoker for Low n’ Slow American BBQ, a grill for some searing and even, an oven to bake some awesome pies.

Keep in mind though when using the SMOKE setting, the temperature will vary from 70℃ to 90℃. This is caused by the auger trickle feeding small amounts of pellets into the firepot to maximise the amount of smoke it can produce.

Temperature Probes:  As with all other models of Z Grills pellet smokers sold in Australia, the 700E features 2 temperature probes right out of the box.

Z Grills Pellet Smoker Standard Food Probes
All Z Grills Pellet Smokers come standard with two food thermometer probes

This will let you keep track of the internal temperature of your food to ensure the best cooking results. Simply push the probe into whatever proteins you are cooking and monitor the temperature via the built-in controller on the unit.

Warranty: The Z Grills 700E Pellet Smoker, like every other model the Z Grill pellet smoker range, does not fail to live up to expectation.  It is built with quality in mind and features a 3-year warranty that is backed by a strong local Aussie support team. In fact, we’ve received countless feedback from customers pleasantly surprised by the incredible build quality of the 700E and 700E-XL.

Pellet Grill Technology: Once you’ve filled up the hopper with your wood pellets of choice, it is pretty much set and forget. The pellets (compressed wood) is fed via an auger into the firepot which serves as the main heating element and source of smoke. The in-built controller does the heavy lifting and ensures that the smoker maintains the set temperature consistently throughout your cook.

‘Say goodbye to the days of waking up in the middle of the night to manage the fire in your offset smoker’

If you ever owned a offset smoker/stick burner, you would appreciate that you won’t be waking up in the middle of the night to make sure the smoker is at the right temperature.

Versatility: Smoke stacks of ribs, cook up pizza with authentic wood-fired flavour, bake a pie, grill some Aussie snags, and while you are at it, a couple of shrimps too!

The Z Grills pellet smoker range takes away the guess work when it comes to wood-fire so that you can focus on cooking awesome food.

Efficiency: A nice feature of wood pellet smokers is that they only use as much pellets as required.

Once you are done with your cook, you simply set the smoker to the shut down cycle and any unburnt pellets will remain in the auger, ready for your next cook.

When cooking Low ‘n’ Slow, the 700E uses less than 0.5kg of pellets are used per hour. In other words, a 10kg bag works out to over 20 hours of cooking.

Easy Cleaning Process: Nobody enjoys having to clean up a greasy grill once you’re done cooking.

‘Weekends are meant to be enjoyed, not spent cleaning your grill’

The entire Z Grills range including the 700E are designed with a sloped grease tray that sits directly underneath the grill rack. This will catch any grease and channels it into a grease bucket on the side in which you can easily empty.

To make clean up an easier process, we recommend lining the grease tray with some Z Grills heavy-duty aluminium foil in which you can just peel away once you are done cooking.

If you have bigger dishwasher, you may be in luck, as you can let it do the heavy-lifting and have your grill racks cleaned without breaking a sweat.

Otherwise, you may want to get yourself a Koala Claw 2 in 1 scraper grab tool which you can use to easily clean off any stubborn chunks on the ceramic coated racks.

Grilling Area: Its grilling area is the same as that of the 7002B, hence it has a surface area of 0.45m2, a size that’s big enough to fit in two briskets, some chicken wings, and ribs and lots of other meals. It is divided into two racks for increased efficiency.

Excellent Customer Service: If you have a look around various Aussie websites and Facebook groups, Z Grills Australia has consistently been praised to have some of the best customer service.

One of our customers, Chris, received his grill got all excited to cook his first stack of ribs but thought he had an issue with his auger. This is what he had to say:

 I don’t think you can get better customer service than what I have just experienced.

Chris M.
Chris M.
9 December 2019

Hi Guys (and girls)

Yesterday was to be my fist cook with the 700E, with friends coming over to try out my first cooked ribs. Ribs all prepped, cranked up the 700 however, the auger wasn’t turning. Read the manual and got a little stressed about vacuuming all my chips into the Dyson and then in the bin. Anyway long story shortish, I rang Mick and received some advice from him but nothing I did had this thing working the way it is supposed to. I cracked the shits, my ribs went in the bin, cancelled friends coming over and got quite emotive but not nasty. Mick refunded my money and I started looking at the Traeger. The dawn of a new day and a good sleep (minus some delicious ribs) I contacted Mick, unscrewed the grate in the hopper so my Dyson attachment could get to the pellets and vacuumed them all up. Re started the grill and to my delight it started working as it should. Shut it down, restarted, shut down, re started. All good. So my total refund is coming and can’t be stopped (I must say that I was impressed with how quickly Mick said he would give me a full refund) so Mick is now going to re invoice me (after another two weeks of using the grill) at a cheaper price than what I originally paid to compensate for the lost ribs and emotional stress he thinks I endured. I don’t think you can get better customer service than what I have just experienced.

In the end of the day, we want to build a business that we can say we are proud of. We believe strongly that we will not achieve that until we give our 100% to all our customers who have trusted us with their hard-earned money.

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The community of Aussie Z Grills owners are amazingly helpful and generous, sharing recipes, tips and tricks and encouragement for anybody new to wood pellet smoking!

Wrap Up

The Z Grills 700E pellet smoker is the perfect pellet smoker for most people. Striking the perfect balance between price, quality, looks and capacity, it is easy to see why the 700E is one of our best-selling units. Hopefully, this overview has helped you work our whether or not the Z Grills 700E is for you.

Z Grills 700E Pellet Smoker

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