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Spicy BBQ Mop Sauce - Z Grills Australia Z-Grills-Australia

Spicy BBQ Mop Sauce

Recipe by Andrew. P from This recipe is a variation of another recipe that was inspired by Coopers bar and grill in America. This Mop Sauce serves as a dip and it is perfect with a piece of brisket. This sauce is quite spicy so all chili lovers out

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Lamb Shanks with Duck Fat Potatoes pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia 2

Lamb Shanks with Duck Fat Potatoes

Recipe by @BonfzBBQBitez You can cook these Lamb Shanks recipe using the low and slow technique to or by cranking that heat up to get some crispy potatoes! The best part of this is that nothing goes to waste – you can eat the vegetables that the Lamb Shanks was

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Beef Cheek Tacos

Recipe by @ash_challman Hola! Enjoy this Beef Cheek Tacos and indulge in its meaty and beefy goodness! After you’ve tasted one, I’m sure you’ll be wanting more! INGREDIENTS 4 beef cheeks your favourite beef rub 1 bottle of Bundaberg ginger beer 2 tbsp brown sugar Salsa coriander pack of small

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Apple Pie

Recipe by @alexlennon89 Whether as an appetizer or for dessert, who doesn’t love a good Apple Pie? This recipe will surely stand out on the dinner table and be the new family favorite! Enjoy! INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour 3/4 cup of sugar 125 gms of butter melted

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Buffalo Wings

Recipe by: Allan S. Everyone loves a plate of some good ol’ Buffalo Wings. This recipe is the perfect combination of crispy, tender, spicy, and juicy! You can eat the wings as it is or dip it in some cheesy sauce or ranch. This would be the perfect finger food

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Smokey BBQ Sauce pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia 1

Smokey BBQ Sauce

Recipe by @BonfzBBQBitez The base of this sauce is from a Lamb Shanks recipe and it is absolutely amazing! This BBQ sauce is actually made from an excess tomato-based sauce. If you need a sauce to throw over the top of some pork ribs, this one would be the perfect

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Black Bean Chilli pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia

Vegetarian Black Bean Chilli Served in Lettuce Cups

Recipe by @BonfzBBQBitez This Black Bean Chili recipe is very easy to do and is perfect if you are having a busy night! Indulge in this food that is delicious, comforting, and it is the perfect companion for a “chilly” night. INGREDIENTS Black Bean Chilli 2 cans black beans (drained)

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Sourdough Focaccia

Recipe by: Aaron L. This is one simple way on how to make your own Sourdough Focaccia using just a few ingredients and your Z Grill pellet smoker. You can enjoy it when having a coffee break or pair it with your favorite pasta. This recipe is absolutely amazing and

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Spaghetti and “Mice”balls

Recipe by @chloesque A spaghetti overload that makes it creatively special by turning your ordinary meatballs into “mice” balls. It is absolutely perfect for a Halloween party! INGREDIENTS Rissoles 1 small brown onion 1/2 cup panko breadcrumbs 250 gm beef mince 250 gm pork mince 1 small carrot 1 egg

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beef jerky pellet smoker - Z Grills Australia

Mats Hot (Spicy) Beef Jerky

Recipe by @the_meat_eater INGREDIENTS Meat 1.5 kgs topside beef sliced half a cm thick For the Marinate 2 cups little Brixton rum and BBQ sauce of choice   2.5 tbsp sesame oil 1/4 cup light soy 1/4 cup dark soy 3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1/2 cup large garlic granules 2 tsp onion

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Low and Slow Lamb Shanks

These restaurant-quality low and slow lamb shanks are super easy to whip together and will make you think twice before ordering shanks on your next night out. Ingredients 6 Lamb shanks 2 onions 1 bottle of cheap red wine 1 litre of vegetable stock salt and pepper Steps Fire up

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Low and Slow Beef Cheeks

Recipe by Melburnbbq These low and slow beef cheeks turned out beautifully after cooking low n slow for 7 hours in the Z Grill. They are so amazingly tender you can even cut them with a spoon! The high collagen content breaks down after a couple of hours creating an

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